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EI2DKH IRTS 144MHz Two-way Trans-Atlantic Beacon (IO51dn)

This page contains information and reception reports for the IRTS 144MHz two-way Trans-Atlantic Beacon operated on behalf of the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) by EI8JK, Tony Baldwin. The beacon transmits on 144.488MHz every even minute and listens for replies from across the Atlantic (and elsewhere) on 144.155MHz every odd minute. The beacon changes to FSK441 during scheduled meteor showers. The beacon equipment consists of 4 five element LFA-Q antennas (22.24dBi) that are beaming due West. The beacon transmits with a power of 75 watts. The software and control system is Joe Taylor K1JT's WSJT software running on Ubuntu (Linux).

Location: Kilcrohane, Sheeps Head, Co. Cork, Ireland. IO51dn. Latitude: 51 33.70'N, Longitude: 009 42.60'W. Kilcrohane is about half way out the Sheeps Head Penninsula - a long, rugged headland that extends out into the Atlantic Ocean off Ireland's South West Coast. Sheeps Head is on the route of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

Read more about the JT65b and FSK441 modes and the WSJT software used by EI2DKH and all about the Brendan Awards that exist to encourage experimentation with two-way trans Atlantic communications by radio amateurs using the Two Metre Band.

Latest Logged Beacon Activity

Will you be the first to bridge the Atlantic on 2 metres?

Beacon Activity (ALL.TXT)Stations Heard by the Beacon (decode.txt)
HHMMSS Status Mode Msg Call \00 HHMMSS ? ? EI2DKH Heard Call ? ? ?

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EI2DKH location - IO51dn 51 33.70'N, 009 42.60'WThe EI2DKH antenna arrayLooking North West from Sheeps Head towards the USA and Canada

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