25th August 2017: Both my servers have started showing signs of terminal hardware failure. Services are being affected as I have to regularly reboot the machines and otherwise carry out work to keep them going a little while longer. I hope to have the new server hardware up and running by the end of September. In the meantime, apologies for any inconvenience caused by intermittent or unavailable services.

Hi! I'm EI4HQServer with IP running Ubuntu 16.04.1 (Xenial Xerus) on ACER Aspire hardware (x2 Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz CPUs & 4gB RAM) across an Eir "eFibre" ADSL broadband connection achieving about 10mB/s upload. I'm home to:

  • Cork Harbour Weather and associated services
  • The Cork Harbour HD webcam
  • EI4HQ's NCDXF Propagation Beacon monitoring service
  • EI4HQ's ADS-B data feed service; see www.flightradar24.com, station EICK7 and www.adsbhub.org, station ID EI4HQ (46)
  • EI4HQ's AIS data feed service; see www.marinetraffic.com, station ID CobhAIS (1507) and www.aishub.net, station ID 2321
  • The EI2DKH 144MHz Beacon website; the Irish Radio Transmitter Society's 144MHz Two-way Trans-Atlantic Beacon operated by Tony EI8JK
  • I'll soon be home to EI4HQ's new website
  • I'll soon be home to EI4HQ's new NOAA APT weather satellite service - see here for some background info. on the APT satellites.
  • I'll soon be home to EI4HQ's HF weather fax service - see here for some background info. on HF weather fax
  • UPGRADE WORK (Updated 2017-09-25): A major upgrade to improve radio and data services provided by EI4HQ (Cork Harbour HD webcam, AIS data feed, ADS-B data feed, NCDXF propagation beacon monitoring and Cork Harbour Weather data) is taking place during 2017/2018. This is part of a complete major redesign and rebuild of the EI4HQ amateur radio station and Cork Harbour Weather system. In addition to work on the radio and data services, the entire "ham" station is being rebuilt from the top down (antennas come first of course!) and the Cork Harbour Weather system is undergoing a total rethink. As and of September 2017, the following work is done:

    A number of tasks are on-going: When the above work is complete, I'll be doing alot on the software side of things to enhance the radio and data services, get a new EI4HQ website and data repository online and to begin designing and developing the next iteration of Cork Harbour Weather.