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Cork Harbour Weather is an effort to provide more timely and precise weather information for the local Cork Harbour area. Information on current conditions is gathered from frequent actual weather observations via a growing network of local weather stations and a community of individuals via Twitter and Facebook. Professional mesoscale forecasts are also interpreted using these observations and by applying local knowledge in an effort to tailor them more specifically for Cork Harbour. The area covered by this project is roughly delimited by the towns of Youghal to the East, Kinsale to the West, Mallow to the North and the Kinsale Gas Field platforms to the South.

Cork Harbour Weather is an entirely voluntary undertaking coordinated by one individual (Cormac Gebruers) but with critical support from a big community (credits). The project had its origins back in 2005. Today there are seven main elements that make up Cork Harbour Weather; a network of weather stations across the Cork Harbour area (some operated by me, most by 3rd parties), professional mesoscale data and forecasts, bespoke software (and my addled brain) that gathers all the input data, processes it and analyses it, this website, the @CorkHarbourWX Twitter feed, the Cork Harbour Weather Facebook page and YOU!; the magic dust in this project is local knowledge and timely updates via Twitter and Facebook that helps make sense of events as they unfold...

This website tends to be in a perpetual state of (de)construction as it's where I try out new ideas for Cork Harbour Weather (I'm doing that pretty much all the time). As I regularly muck around with things here, Twitter or Facebook should always be your first stop for the latest information. Drop by here regularly as well however as there's lots of stuff here that's not available anywhere else. That said, if anything new that's particularly notable appears here I always let people know via Twitter and Facebook anyway.


Data is used from the Port of Cork weather stations at Ringaksiddy Deep Water Berth and Ringaskiddy Ferry Terminal.

Data is provided for the Watergrasshill station by a mysterious benefactor. I thank you.

Data is used from the Cork Institute of Technology weather station. Thanks to those individuals who keep the show on the road.

Data is used from the SmartBay data buoy 3nm South of Cork Harbour; the authors/site owners gratefully acknowledge use of the data services and facilities available from SmartBay Ireland, the National test and demonstration facility and the funding support provided through the Higher Education Authorities Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions Cycle VI.

Data is used from the Blackrock Castle Observatory weather station. Thanks for the continued support folks!

Met Eireann operate the two "standard candle" synoptic weather observation stations used by Cork Harbour Weather, Cork Airport and Roches Point. I use these stations as reference points to calibrate and otherwise determine the accuracy of all other stations used by the project. Met Eireann also facilitate data from the Kinsale Energy Gas Platform. The Sea Area forecast, Munster forecast, Small Craft Warnings, Gale Warnings and Yellow, Orange and Red Weather Warnings are all tailored from those services provided by Met Eireann. I occasionally refer to Met Eireann's precipitation radar imagery. The 30 year historic data that is used for benchmarking and historic reference by this project is sourced from Met Eireann as is information about notable weather events that have occurred over the years. In short, without Met Eireann's forebearance, this project wouldn't be possible.

Data for Midleton Bypass weather station is provided by NRA Traffic Division.

Data is provided for the Youghal station by another mysterious benefactor Sail Aweigh. I thank you kind soul...

METAR data for Cork Airport and synoptic charts are made available for use by NOAA.

The Spike Island weather station is facilitated on the island by Cork County Council (station equipment is owned and operated by Cormac Gebruers).

The Myrtleville weather station is a consistent and reliable provider of data. Despite my best efforts however, I've failed to identify the kind soul known only as MJ Cheers behind it. Thank you nonetheless!

Data is used from the Cork County Council Anglesea St. weather station.

Data is provided for the Youghal2 station by Mr. Robert Sweetman.

Data is provided for the Innishannon station by another mysterious nameless benefactor. I thank your sharing spirit...

The North Ring Road station is operated by Cork City Council.

Cormac Gebruers is responsible for the Cobh, Cobh Wind2 and Spike Island stations.

You will see a number of experimental stations labeled SeaMote-xxx and SmartCoast-xxx appearing on Cork Harbour Weather from Summer 2015. These are part of two exciting projects being undertaken by the Halpin Centre for Research & Innovation at the National Maritime College of Ireland.


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