All-Time Daily Weather Records for Cork Harbour

1st December 1955 to 31st October 2020

This table contains the all-time daily weather records for the Cork Harbour area for the period 1st December 1955 to 31st October 2020. It's derived from the official daily data for synoptic stations at Cork Airport (ID=3904) and Roches Point (ID=1075) provided by Met Eireann. Roches Point began reporting on 1st December 1955. Service from that station was stopped on 31st January 2000 until 7th April 2008 due funding cutbacks. The Cork Airport station has been active without interruption since 1st January 1962.

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High High Temperaturemaxtp°C28.714th July 1983Cork Airport
Low High Temperaturemaxtp°C-4.313th January 1987Cork Airport
Low Low Temperaturemintp°C-8.617th February 1969Cork Airport
High Low Temperaturemintp°C19.014th July 1983Cork Airport
high Mean Wind Speedwdspkts42.528th October 1996Roches Point
High 10min Wind Speedhmkts (°)68 (210°)24th December 1997Roches Point
High Gusthgkts9412th January 1974Cork Airport
High Mean Sea Level PressurecblmB1042.27th February 1964Roches Point
Low Mean Sea Level PressurecblmB942.516th December 1989Cork Airport
Rainfall Accumulationrainmm873rd August 1997Cork Airport
High Grass Min Temperature (09ut)gmin°C17.713th August 2020Roches Point
Low Grass Min Temperature (09ut)gmin°C-12.42nd January 1979Cork Airport