All-Time Daily Weather Records; Wind

1st December 1955 to 31st October 2020

Covering the period 1st December 1955 to 31st October 2020, this information is derived from the official daily data for synoptic stations at Cork Airport (ID=3904) and Roches Point (ID=1075) provided by Met Eireann. Roches Point began reporting on 1st December 1955. Service from that station was stopped on 31st January 2000 until 7th April 2008 due funding cutbacks. The Cork Airport station has been active without interruption since 1st January 1962.

Cork Harbour gets high winds and not surprisingly, wind speed is the weather parameter that most people are most interested in, most of the time. Locals will remember storm Ophelia, a "one in a fifty year" storm that hit Cork Harbour on the 16th of October 2017. The highest gust speed recorded that day was 84kts (155kph) at Roches Point. It's a storm few will forget. It'll surprise many readers however, that the Ophelia gust is only the joint 5th highest gust on record for Cork Harbour. Here's the "top 10" gusts with related parameters since 1955 (speeds in knots):

RankDateGust (hg)10m (hm)Mean (wdsp)StationEvent
112th January 19749458 (210°)23.5Cork AirportJanuary 1974 Storm This was the 5th strongest gust ever recorded in Ireland.
24th February 19579162 (190°)31.1Roches Point
324th December 19978968 (???°)25.1Roches PointDecember 1997 Windstorm
425th January 19908659 (300°)28.8Roches Point
5a16th October 20178462 (170°)32.4Roches PointOphelia
5b11th January 19628459 (290°)29.3Roches Point
5c13th November 19598452 (290°)36.8Roches Point
6a23rd January 19848354 (290°)28.7Roches Point
6b12th January 19748362 (210°)27.4Roches PointJanuary 1974 Storm
6c22nd October 19618354 (150°)24.8Roches Point
6d1st February 19888354 (230°)30.4Cork Airport